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HI LEVEL -> RCA adapters with "remote by sound "

High to Low Level Converter with real analysis "sound signals"  
1. Level conditioning 10V → 1V (60V P-P → 6V P-P)
2. Signal detection:
a) ~6V on Left speaker line (yellow/brown wire)
b) sound signal in any channel, low level detection
3. “REMOTE” amplifier activation
4. Ground loop isolation between High-Level and Line-Out.
1) Power consumption in sleep mode 250μA (0,25mA).
2) Power consumption in active state 8 mA (12 mA for 4 channel version).
3) Output “REMOTE” can drive up to 700 mA.
4) Wake up delay 200-300 ms.
5) Delay before “REMOTE”output deactivation is 10 seconds after falling of 6 V on
loudspeakers' lines or ~ 4 minutes after sound signal disappearing (if 6 V was absent).
6) To allow two adapters work synchronously connect them through white wires.

4 chanel ->

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